Productivity Analysis

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ProcessProductivityAnalysis - Identify, promote and utilize equipment potentials
Diverse applications of our customers have lead us to develop hardware and software tools to analyse causes for downtime.
Set-up with hard & software
Set-up with hard & software
The productivity analysis has been already implemented in various fully automated and partly automated equipments and manual workstations. The consistent recording of technical as well as of organizational reasons for downtime can lead to efficient shop floor management.
Application international pharmaceutical industry
Application international pharmaceutical industry
Application packaging department
Application packaging department
Actions to eliminate downtime can then be implemented and will lead to a lasting increase of productivity. We developed our productivity analysis tool so that equipment and workplace data can be compiled temporarily or even on an ongoing basis.
Easy consistent recording
Easy consistent recording
Real-time analysis for efficient shop floor management
Real-time analysis for efficient shop floor management
Due to the easy set-up, our hardware and software are also suited for the start-up of nonstandard machinery, especially during the launch phase.
Temporary set-up in all production areas
Temporary set-up in all production areas
We look forward to meeting with you and to implement the initial set-up and configuration on-site.
  • Digital and interactive communication in production and support areas
  • Interface to Bosch Rexroth Communication Platform ActiveCockpit
  • Information exchange via email, texts and apps (smartphone)
  • Networking of business and production processes
  • Dialog between worker, machine and product
  • Current and consistent production key data
  • Continuous capturing of production data
  • Automatic escalation management
  • Efficient shop floor management
  • Significant comparison of units
  • Visualization of variations
  • Identification of potentials in manufacturing processes
  • Transparent and user-friendly setting
  • Visualization of production key data
  • Temporary set-up to handle current problems
  • Fast decision-making possible when recognizing variations
  • Interface to Microsoft Office Applications
  • Customer-specific data analysis
  • Integration in internal network
  • Data base for Six Sigma analyses
  • Adaption to customers needs
  • Easy and fast installation
Logging of daily downtime
PPA Logging of downtime
Monthly summary of data
PPA Monthly summary of data
Line team shift comparison
PPA line team shift comparison
Causes of downtime
PPA Overview Causes of downtime