• Integrated lean implementation into a culture of mutual respect
  • Lean Management vs. Lean Deployment in production and administration
  • Potential and productivity analysis
  • Development of a Lean Vision, an implementation strategy and goals
  • Integrated company, department, division key performance indicators
  • Lean Audit und Lean Reporting „Make Your Success Measurable”
  • Process-oriented value stream organization
  • Makigami for visualization and improvement of implemented work processes
  • Application of all Lean Methods according to the implementation strategy
  • Digital Shop Floor Management
  • Planning of layout and space according to lean philosophy
  • Configuration of material flow
  • Detailed configuration of ergonomic workplace design
  • In-house training sessions
  • Interim Management
  • Project management (development + planning)
  • Development of suppliers

The theme of all tasks within a company: Identify, Promote, and Utilize Employees’ Potentials.